Happiness as a Love Story

“Today we’re getting our engagement photos taken. That makes me happy. He makes me happy.”

Korey & Michael, South Carolina

The thing about this project is that the majority of people will politely decline upon hearing my proposal, skeptical of getting their picture taken by a stranger. If I’m being completely honest, I can’t say my reaction would be any different. What gives me hope though, is when I come across that one person who is willing to give me a glimpse of happiness through their eyes. From those moments come the most beautiful of stories.

I was walking through the Glencairn Garden when I saw a young couple on a park bench, all wrapped up in each other’s arms. After approaching them, they agreed to help me without a hint of skepticism. 

The two had arrived a little early for their engagement photo shoot. She told me they became engaged a while ago, but I could see that telling the story still made her heart skip a beat. On one of their first dates he took her to Anne Springs Close Greenway. For those of you who don’t know, Anne Springs is a nature preserve in Fort Mill, South Carolina. While they were there, much to her surprise, he jokingly told her how it would be a great place to get engaged one day. Ironically enough, he brought her back to that exact spot when he popped the question for real…and she said yes!


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